Miguna Miguna has done it again. The self-styled revolutionary has managed to chase another “despot”, in “Francis Atwoli”, off Twitter.

But there’s only one problem. The exiled lawyer only managed to kick a fake Atwoli off the microblogging site.

All this went down on Monday morning after Miguna Miguna engaged in a heated argument with a Twitter account bearing the name of the Central Organization of Trade Unions (Cotu) secretary-general Francis Atwoli.

The parody account, @sg_atwoli, tweeted: “#KOT Youths must be very shallow to think that constitutions are written by youths. The American constitution which is one of the oldest in the world was prepared by old men and they never consulted the youths.”

In a characteristic response, Miguna tore into Atwoli describing him as a despotic zombie.

“They were not half your age, despotic zombie Atwoli. They were all highly learned and experienced JURISTS. None was illiterate like you. None was a sycophant. You should be taken to the World Zoo for Human Primitivity and displayed there for free as a lesson to the world,” wrote Miguna.

In another post, Miguna said: “One last thing ossified looter Francis Atwoli: The PLURAL of Youth is Youth. “Youths” may exist in your despotic language but it doesn’t exist in the English Language. Avoid using @Twitter with that level of illiteracy. Do you understand, Zombie?”

The Twitter account, @sg_atwoli, was later deactivated, with Miguna Miguna celebrating the achievement.

We chased Despot Muigai Uhuru Kenyatta off Twitter and off Facebook. Now we have done the same to Francis Atwoli. Let’s drive them from Kenya! Revolution is coming. Viva! #DespotsMustFall” he tweeted.

As a majority of Kenyans on Twitter joined Miguna in celebrating the feat, others were quick to remind him that he was engaging with a fake Atwoli.

Some Twitter reactions below.