KTN Swahili news anchor Zubeida Koome is in mourning following the death of her grandmother.

To make matters worse, Zubeida’s grandma passed away a day to her planned visit. A distraught Zubeida took to social media to share her pain and sorrow in a moving tribute.

“My heart is in pieces….😢😢 My only grandma is gone…I promised to come see you tomorrow, why didn’t you wait for me…😭😭😭,” she wrote.

Zubeida added she will not question God but she is grateful for the great times and memories they shared.

As I hold your ID and burial permit, it pains me, I choose not to question God but rather thank him for the great times we shared…I LOVE YOU GRANDMA…You had a big heart, you taught us to Love…I’ll forever be grateful,Safiri salama, tutaonana baadaye..” Zubeida wrote.

Our heartfelt condolences to Zubeida and her family.