The Kenya Pipeline Company has moved to allay fears of fuel shortage across the country during the festive season.

In a statement on Wednesday, KPC Acting Managing Director Hudson Andambi said the current stock is expected to last for the next 17 days.

“KPC’s current stock position in the country indicates that there are over 214 million litres of petrol, more than 179 million litres of diesel and over 103 million litres of jet fuel available at various depots throughout the country,” he said.

Andambi noted KPC will extend loading hours at various depots in order to meet the high demand.

At the same time, he urged fuel dealers to place their orders in time to ensure sufficient fuel supply across the country during the festive season.

This comes after the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority on December 14 reviewed down fuel prices for the December – January period.

A litre of super petrol is down one shilling and nine cents; diesel has reduced by two shillings and 83 cents while kerosene will be retailing three shillings and 75 cents less.

In the capital Nairobi, a litre of Super petrol will retail at Sh109.50, diesel at Sh101.78 and Kerosene at Sh102.31.

Fuel will be cheapest in Mombasa where a litre of Super petrol will retail at Sh107.45, diesel at Sh99.74, and Kerosene at Sh100.26.

A litre of Super petrol in Nakuru costs Sh109.10, while diesel will be sold at Sh102.39 and Kerosene at Ksh102.91.