Of all the fake news that have been spread on interwebs this year, a report that the Kenyan taxman is planning to tax dowry payments is one of the most sensational.

It is up there with a recent report that Michael Olunga was offered 600 million euros to denounce his Kenyan citizenship for Japan.

Unsurprisingly, both articles were published by the same news site, Kenyan Update.

According to the online publication, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is considering imposing taxation on dowry payments in Kenya.

It was reported that the KRA board had met, discussed, and was in the process of finalising the decision to tax all dowry payments in a bid to boost national revenue.

Reportedly, upon successful consultation, KRA would publish the names of all Kenyans paying dowry at the end of every financial year.

In the article dated December 3, the site added that KRA had put strict measures to ensure nobody evades the dowry tax after its implementation.

But on Wednesday, KRA came out to dismiss the article in a tweet. The taxman, in Swahili, simply said: “Hii story hata sisi tumeisikia tu”