It’s been more than 20 years since the first online casino went live and the world of gambling started to change. In the early days, there were a lot of glitches with the platform and gambling online wasn’t very engaging because of the incredibly basic graphics. Now, the game has changed completely! Online gambling has become a global phenomenon with millions of users from numerous countries using their mobile, tablet, or PC to log on to their online gambling account and play for hours.

Many wonder how this change came about to bring online casinos so much popularity. This article will examine the reasons why more and more people are opting to play casino games online instead of going to an actual casino.


Initially, online casinos were only accessible on PC but with the advancement in technology and the introduction of smartphones and tablets, online casinos offer their games on almost every platform. This makes the entire gambling experience much more convenient and accessible. You could choose to play a few rounds of poker on your PC while unwinding at home after a long day at work or just log on using your smartphone to kill some time on a long bus ride. 

Another advantage of casinos being online is that users aren’t restricted by geography. It’s more than likely that you don’t live in a city with a casino and online casinos allow you to enjoy the experience regardless of where you are. All you need is an internet connection.


Most online casinos offer users the option to play free games. You would have a limited number of chips to play with and you can play almost every casino game without having to risk any actual money. With the risk element out of the equation completely, you would be able to enjoy gambling purely for the gaming experience and thrill. It’s also a great way to learn these games if you’re interested in actual gambling. You would learn a lot easier if you knew you aren’t about to lose a sizeable amount of money.

Actual casinos won’t offer you this option because they’re limited by space and if they had to give a customer a seat, they’d prefer it to be a paying customer. There’s also the fact that actual casinos have massive overhead costs including property, maintenance, salaries, utilities, and other expenses. Sometimes bills can run into the millions over the span of only one month. The only way to cover these overhead costs is to literally get every paying customer possible to come into your casino and spend money. There’s a reason for all those special offers you see at different casinos including discount rooms, buffets, and entertainment included, no drinks charge, etc.


Another reason for people opting for online casinos is the great bonuses they offer. Almost every online casino will offer a sign-up bonus along with first deposit bonuses, where they match the amount of money that you deposit into your online casino account. Some even go a little further to match a certain percentage of the second deposit you make (in most cases it’s 50%).

For example, Gratorama Casino bonuses are quite reasonable especially compared to the rest of the market. There’s a €7 bonus simply for signing up for an account with the website. The first deposit bonus is 100%, but there’s a minimum deposit of €10 and the bonus is capped at €200. The one drawback, as is with almost every online casino, is that you need to wager your bonus a certain number of times before you can withdraw the money. In Gratorama’s case, you need to wager the bonus 30 times but considering the number of times a wager is made even in a few hands of poker, it shouldn’t take a very long time.


Actual casinos will seldom give you the option to buy chips using your credit or debit card. Cash is the only mode of operation unless you’re a millionaire high-roller. Online casinos do not have any such restrictions and you’re given a wide range of options including credit or debit cards, PayPal, and other online and digital payment platforms. This adds to the convenience factor we discussed at the beginning of this article and with how things are currently, with more and more people switching over to digital instead of real cash, people are bound to prefer online casinos.

You enjoy the same convenience when it comes to withdrawals as well. Once you’re ready to cash out, you can choose to have it transferred back to your online/digital payment platform or directly to your bank account. You don’t have to worry about carrying large amounts of cash after having a good night at the craps table.


Some online casinos offer more than 5000 games! That’s right. You have so much choice that you’ll be spoiled. You have a wide selection of craps, poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and so much more! Also, while some may consider it a gimmick, you’ll also find your favorite games in different themes such as your favorite cartoon or the latest superhero movie.

Actual casinos can’t offer the same variety and number of games because they’re limited by the physical dimensions of the casino’s premises itself. Caesar’s Palace and The Bellagio may be incredibly large and impressive buildings, but they are still limited by the premises. Casinos need to accommodate a lot more than just the playing area including rooms, conference rooms, convention halls, restaurants, kitchens, staff quarters, parking spaces, etc. A lot of thought has to go into the games that are put in place by casinos and they need to maintain a balance to accommodate customer preference to the physical space they have available.


Online casinos will have different levels of betting. There will be games that are limited to $1 bets with $5 pots and even $1000 bets with $50000 pots. This makes gambling more accessible to a wider demographic of people which drives up the popularity of these platforms even more.