Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko castigated the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) accusing its officers of harassment when he presented himself  at Integrity Centre on November 5.

Speaking at City Park Estate in Parklands, Nairobi on Saturday, the Nairobi county CEO said he was disrespected by the officials that thoroughly frisked him and unzipped his trousers.

According to Sonko, the officers went as far as touching his private parts and using a machine on his manhood to check if he was hiding a camera.

“They should uphold respect, last time, I respectfully showed up after they summoned me and they harassed me,” he said.

“Walinifungua zip, wanaeka mashini kwa sehemu nyeti (they unzipped my trousers and used machines on my private parts) to check if I was hiding a camera,” said Sonko.

The controversial lawmaker further claimed the officers put their fingers in his privates and wondered if they are gay.

“Wewe ni governor, unafunguliwa zip, unaekwa vidole kwa sehemu nyeti, kwani nyinyi ni mashoga? It is unfair. That is witch-hunt. We know our rights.”

Sonko also complained that he was forced to remove his shoes and socks. “They removed my socks and shoes like I was a prisoner. When they brought that screening machine close to my face I pushed it away,” an angry Sonko recounted.

The governor further called for EACC to be disbanded.

“I want to appeal to the President, let it be disbanded. They are the most corrupt… murderers,” said Sonko.

Watch a video of Sonko alleging harassment at EACC below.