Here are today’s top headlines.

Trump’s impeachment defense splintered by new revelations

President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense is being stripped away plank by plank by some of the administration officials caught up in his scheme to pressure Ukraine for political favors.

Under shroud of secrecy US weapons arrive in Yemen despite Congressional outrage

The awkward camera angle is meant to hide the fact that the owner of the phone is filming, but there is no mistaking the outlines of the heavy cargo being deposited on the dock in the Yemeni port of Aden last week.

Taj Mahal gets its own air purifiers as India chokes on smog

As air pollution in parts of India (CNN) – hits record levels, the country’s most iconic attraction is getting some special treatment. The Taj Mahal is India’s single most visited tourist attraction, with an estimated eight million people visiting the UNESCO World Heritage site annually.

Israel approves controversial cable cars in Jerusalem

Tourists in Jerusalem will be able to take a cable car right up to some of the Old City’s key holy sites under controversial plans approved Tuesday.

UK lawmakers warn of ‘alarming evidence’ of Chinese meddling on university campuses

British lawmakers have warned of what they say is “alarming evidence” of Chinese influence on university campuses, and the potential risks to academic freedom of UK institutions targeting partnerships in China.

Boris Johnson ‘suppressing’ Russia report until after UK election, lawmakers say

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under fire over accusations from lawmakers that the UK government is intentionally delaying the release of a report into Russia’s influence in British politics until after the upcoming election.

China fears young people are addicted to video games. Now it’s imposing a curfew

China has announced a curfew on online gaming for minors among new measures aimed at curbing video game addiction.

Boeing CEO Muilenburg won’t get most of his 2019 pay

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg will not get stock or bonuses in 2019 that provide most of his compensation, according to the new chairman of the company.

Academy disqualifies Nigeria’s first-ever submission for the Oscars

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has disqualified Nigeria’s “Lionheart” as the nation’s contender for the Oscar in the Best International Feature Film category.

Remember The Cyclist Who Flipped Off Trump’s Motorcade? She Just Won A Virginia Election.

WASHINGTON ― Juli Briskman, who famously flipped off President Donald Trump ‘s motorcade in a viral 2017 photo, won her race Tuesday night for a seat on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in Virginia. Briskman, a former marketing executive and local Democratic activist, unseated eight-year incumbent Republican Suzanne Volpe.

Republicans Go Mute After Latest Ukraine Bombshell

Senate Republicans ducked for cover on Tuesday after a top Trump administration diplomat revised his testimony in the House impeachment inquiry to acknowledge that U.S. aid to Ukraine was being withheld until the country promised to investigate a company tied to former Vice President Joe Biden ‘s son.

Joe Biden Fires Back At Elizabeth Warren For Questioning His Fidelity To Democrats

Former Vice President Joe Biden escalated his skirmish with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) over their competing health care plans, writing in an essay Tuesday that she was taking a dangerous “my way or the highway” approach to the issue.

‘The Equalizer’ To Return In TV Reboot, And Queen Latifah Is Ready For Revenge

Queen Latifah is ready for some revenge. The “Living Single” actor will play “The Equalizer” in a TV reboot that has a pilot commitment from CBS, Deadline reported. Latifah, 49, will assume the role of the highly trained vigilante who seeks justice for those who can’t.

Politician shuts down heckler with ‘OK, Boomer’ while calling for environmental reform

A member of New Zealand’s Parliament beautifully dropped “OK, Boomer” during a speech on the climate crisis. Chlöe Swarbrick, a 25-year-old MP, delivered a speech on the Zero Carbon Bill, a proposal that would set the target for New Zealand completely eliminate the nation’s carbon emissions by 2050.

When will the new Marvel shows be available on Disney+?

So you’re a Marvel fan thinking about getting a Disney+ subscription. Or you’re a Disney+ subscriber thinking about getting deeper into Marvel. Either way, you’re probably wondering what, exactly, the new streaming service has for you. We’re here to break it down.

Nearly 90% of the world’s internet users are being monitored

A new report claims, surprise, social media isn’t really that free. Instead, it’s full of bad faith actors manipulating elections and government officials surveilling users. The report, 2019 Freedom on the Net, comes from “independent watchdog organization” Freedom House. And after reading the whole thing ( PDF), that still feels like it’s underplaying the growing tire fire that is social media.

Elon Musk is back on Twitter after *checks notes* 4 days

It was a dark, stormy Friday, November 1 (well, depending on where you live), when Elon Musk said he’s done with Twitter. “Going offline,” he tweeted, after a short musing on whether the social media site is worth it. “Not sure about good of Twitter,” he wrote. It was clear he’d had enough.

Chris Evans says he accidentally spoiled ‘Avengers: Endgame’ for Anthony Mackie

Appearing on Monday’s episode of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Chris Evans revealed he told Anthony Mackie their characters’ fates at the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame – not knowing that his co-star hadn’t received the script. “I didn’t know he didn’t know what was going to happen,” said Evans, who was immensely relieved to no longer be bound by Marvel’s intense secrecy.