Authorities believe they have identified the gunmen caught on CCTV in a dramatic shooting inside a Kasarani shop.

The shocking video has been making rounds on social media, with Kenyans urging police to act fast and arrest the criminals.

In the clip, two armed robbers are seen entering a small shop in Kasarani area, and pointing a gun towards the shop co-owner Richard Muema. They then proceed to ransack the shop, probably looking for money.

At some point, one gunman opens fire and shoots the other co-owner Ulbanus Mutua (hidden from view), twice on the shoulder. Richard saw an opening and hit him on his head, but that quickly backfired as the gunman panicked and opened fire. Sparks are clearly visible from the video, and although it was unclear whether any bullet hit the brave man, it later emerged that he was indeed shot 7 times; 5 times in the abdomen and twice on the legs.

Richard Muema in the ICU

According to reports Monday morning, police have put a face and name to both suspects. The shooter is apparently an ex-convict, having just recently completed his term at Kamiti Maximum Prison.

The other has also been identified, but both their names are being withheld for now.

Both victims are admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital, with Muema in ICU.