The National Police Service has finally reined in on police officers who take some time off official duty to preach the gospel while in uniform.

In a move that has been long overdue, Deputy Inspector General of Police Edward Njoroge Mbugua released a statement Wednesday banning the men and women in uniform from assuming the role of preachers when they should be serving and protecting the public.

According to NPS, the move is aimed at ensuring uniformed police officers act appropriately.

Police officer preaches to Prophet Owuor’s followers during a past crusade

“While the National Police Service respects the freedom of worship, the service will not condone the preaching by officers in police uniform unless within a police institution like colleges,” the statement reads in part.

“Officers are encouraged to separate official duties and private engagement and act appropriately.”

Cops have also been prohibited from attending church services while dressed in official uniform.

Njoroge asked police commanders to warn officers under their command from breaching the directive otherwise administrative action will be taken against them.

The directive follows a rise in cases of officers preaching to the public, a habit that is prevalent among traffic cops.