23-year-old Felix Mwangi speaks about his hustle.

I graduated with a diploma in building and civil engineering but could not get any gainful employment.

I, therefore, enrolled at Trendy Links, a vocational training institution in Nakuru, which specialises in garment production.

Later on, I was posted to Kitui as a consultant in the garment making and customisation field when the government was constructing the Kitui County Textile Centre.

I came back to Nakuru once that plant was commissioned and started my own line of business, specialising in garment making and customisation, graphic designs and printing works.

I began by knitting school sweaters. I engaged two former schoolmates as extra hands in business. But first, they got training on basics of graphic designing, branding, knitting, sewing and marketing products.

Like any other business, we have our share of challenges, with lack of capital being top. An example is where a client gives bulk orders, but doesn’t want to commit themselves in meeting production costs.

Some clients make orders only for them to disappear.

The hustle generates about Sh150,000 in a good month.