Secular-turned-gospel musician Bernice Nduku, alias Lady Bee, is more than glad she saw the light and made the switch that changed the course of her life.

Lady Bee, who has never shied away from opening up about her troubled past, shared another moment of introspection with her social media followers on Thursday.

For her #TBT, Lady Bee shared a picture of herself that was taken 9 years ago when she was still a secular artiste. The photo shows the singer dressed in pants that she now deems too revealing as they exposed her thighs.

In fact, the ‘Nakiri’ singer posted the picture with her thigh concealed using an emoji.

Lady Bee reckoned that had she not turned her life to Christ, she probably would be walking around nude.

🤦‍♀️I Came across this picture that was taken in 2010 Nov hapo Ivi 🙏 and Imagine iko kwa matandao. Uwiiiiii mtandao haisahau wajameni😭😭😭 God of wonders😭😭😭😭 Hio imagine ni trouser na haina ata miguu😂😂Sasa leo kama sigekua nimeokoka nigekua navaa nguo kweli???? 🤣🤣,” she wrote in part.

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Lady Bee said she no longer desires her past, something she attributes to “power in the name of Jesus”.

“I am never ashamed to share my past because I know God will touch someone, somewhere to think twice about his/her life🙋‍♀️Nothing is new under the sun 🙋‍♀️I always say, If I am able to stay today not desiring my past indeed there is Power in the name of Jesus 😭😭 Only Jesus can do this😭😭😭His grace is sufficient 🙏 Today I stand Unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I invite you to give your life to Jesus Christ today if you have never given your life🙋‍♀️,” Lady Bee urged her followers.

“He gave me a second chance to live my life for His glory😭I no longer live but Christ lives in me😭😭😭The spirit that used to says I don’t care turned to I do care🙋‍♀️Care about my society, Care about our next generation, care about our parents, care about other people’s faith 🙋‍♀️I care,” she added.