Socialite turned cosmetics entrepreneur Huddah Monroe is looking to follow in the footsteps of Akothee and Zari with regard to childbearing.

Taking to Instagram, the 27-year-old beauty entrepreneur said she wants 5 children despite opposition from people. She noted that motherhood is a phase she intends to make the most out of when the time comes.

“I want 5 kids. Dunno why people always oppose me! That chapter of my life I’ll do it to the max LMFAO!” she wrote.

Adding: “Face your fears. Once you are a mother no turning back. Make the most out of it!”

While that may take some time given that Huddah is single, the Instagram personality recently revealed that she wouldn’t settle for a married man.

“’When I say I don’t date married men people think, it’s a joke lol! But truth is married men ain’t int my cup of tea. Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t fall in that category,” she said.

According to Huddah, anyone dating a married man should feel ashamed.

“When you sleep with a married man don’t you feel a certain way? Do you ask him if he has taken care of his family first? Or you just fight to overtake the wife? That shit gets to me .. it’s Inhumane. I think you all should stop ruining families and marriages.. and if it’s a must make sure he takes care of his family first. Don’t be having fun, taking his money while his family is suffering,” she wrote.

Huddah added that she likes her men young and energetic.

“Just know I don’t do married men, I like my men young, energetic and single coz I hate those baby mama dramas and also no family problems. I’m not a therapist for you to come tell me your family issues,” she asserted.