With technological developments and the proliferation of internet-enabled devices, online gambling is among the activities which have spread like wildfire across the world. Recently, online gambling activities were recorded to have had a positive impact on the Kenyan economy. Initially, the Kenyan online gambling market was stormed by online sports betting, which is still booming in the country. However, with the regulation of gambling in the country, the interest of online gamblers has also shifted to gambling. 

In Kenya, online casinos are legal to play at as long as they are regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board, though a good number of Kenyan players choose to play at international online Sportsbooks which are offshore. With the rapid manner by which online gaming spread in Kenya, one may be curious as to how these games have become so popular in a short period.

Reasons for the popularity of casino games in Kenya

1. Promotions and Bonuses: 

There are various casino gambling sites which accept Kenyan players. Each of these sportsbooks try to outdo themselves in bringing in new customers; and therefore, offer great bonuses for customers who register with them. Some examples include Betway which offers new players from Kenya up to a $1000 as a welcome offer. Another is Mansion Casino which offers players a welcome offer of up to $5000. Therefore, with these bonuses, players can play more games for a prolonged period.

2. Convenience and Safety

This is the main reason for the growing popularity of games. With just a few clicks on your internet-enabled devices, whether your smartphone or PC, regardless of where you are, you can easily navigate through your preferred online casino. As a result of this convenience, a good number of Kenyans frequently take part in online gaming. In fact, the Kenyan government labelled the rate at which online gambling was done as an addiction, leading to a 35% tax rate in 2017 on online gambling activities (casino, sports betting and lotteries) in order to deter online gambling. As regards safety, this can be explained in two senses, playing at online casinos is safe as online players need not step out to physical casinos. In the other sense, most of the sportsbooks which accommodate Kenyan players are renowned Casino companies. Therefore, players can rest assured that they are not being scammed and can easily withdraw their earnings. However, players need to check out https://www.scams.info/ to find ways to avoid scams and theft while playing Online Casino Kenya.  

3. Variety Online: 

Compared to land-based casinos in Kenya, with just swipes and clicks, multiple games can be accessed. Majority of the gamblers from Kenya love to play games ranging from bingo, blackjack, roulette, video poker games, keno, scratch cards, casino slots, roulette, baccarat, table poker, craps, lotto as well as other games which are exclusive to the preferred online casinos. Some of these games also come in trial modes which helps newbies familiarise themselves with how the games work.

4. Easy money: 

This is the goal of gaming. It’s easy money which requires some skill and a bit of luck on your side. Online casino games have previously produced winners; for instance, a fortunate person who has benefited from online games was Yannick Mahrez. Mr Mahrez, playing from Nairobi on Betway online casino, hit the jackpot when spinning reels on Mega Moolah. He had increased the size of his bets and benefited from this as he got returns of $3,456,000. Such information serves as an incentive for many online gamblers and leads to frequent casino gaming.

5. Efficient customer Service: 

This is another reason for increased casino gaming. In situations where players resident in Kenya require help on the casino sites, it’s quite easy for them to get this help. The top internet casinos which accept players from Kenya provide easy options for players to contact customer support, such as Live chats in English, emails, social media handles like Facebook or Twitter, as well as phone numbers on the casino sites.

These are the apparent reasons why gaming on online casinos has become more popular, though each of the internet casino players from Kenya may have their unique preferences for increased online casino gaming. You can check here if you are just starting out as a new gambler in Kenya.