Larry Madowo took a two-month social media break without alerting his followers and nobody seemed to notice until Wednesday when he returned to celebrate his latest feat.

The former NTV news anchor said he came back after his BBC radio documentary was nominated for the 2019 AIB International Media Excellence Awards, which he ultimately won.

“Back from a 2-month social media break to learn that a BBC radio documentary I presented was nominated for an award! I loved working on it & I’m so glad people around the world enjoyed it,” Larry Madowo tweeted.

In a subsequent tweet, Larry deservedly bragged: “We won! My first ever radio documentary and we won!”

Before that, Larry brought the ever-entertaining Kenyans on Twitter out to play when he asked about what he missed during his social media detox.

“I planned to take 30 days off social media but I enjoyed it so much that I doubled it. I learnt 72 new languages & built a house with my bare hands. What did I miss?” tweeted Larry.

Kenyan netizens in their hundreds duly responded with hilarious updates of everything that happened when he was away.

We’ve sampled some responses below.