East African Powerhouse group Elani has released the music video for the third single off of their sophomore album, “Colours of Love”.

Titled ‘Only You’, this beautiful song kicks off the red phase of the journey of Colours of Love. The album is an unfolding love story that journeys through all the five phases of a relationship, representing each with a colour.

The colours include Yellow(representing puppy love), Red for a couple falling in love, Grey is for when doubts come into the relationship and a partner starts picking calls in another room, Black is for the break-up, and then the White phase is for when they find hope again.

‘Only You’ is a fitting starting point for the honeymoon phase of the relationship when lovers are willing to come together and commit to being with one another.

Whether you’re single or not, ‘Only You’ video will make you want to fall in love thanks to the sweet love story portrayed by YouTube couple Wanjiru Njiru and singer Ben Cyco, alongside Elani members Maureen Kunga, Brian Chweya and Wambui Ngugi.

Check out ‘Only You’ below. Rating 10/10. You can always count on Elani to create beautiful music.