Gospel music singer Betty Bayo once again had to reflect on her failed marriage with pastor Victor Kanyari as she advised women in toxic relationships to walk away from their spouses.

“I’ve learnt marriage is not easy. I have learnt to forgive and let go. No one wants to marry anyone who is embarrassing you on  TV. If it’s not working, just let go,” said Bayo.

The singer further identified the mistake she made with the controversial preacher. “The mistake I made was to get into a marriage without really knowing my partner. I didn’t take my time to research the background. I didn’t consider things like character, personality. We differed in a lot of things. Every topic was an argument.”

Ms Bayo also said she is saddened by the recent spate of crimes of passion. She said that she has never pressured Kanyari to support their children.

“Sometimes, agree to disagree for the sake of the kids. I’m sad to see all the killings on TV. I decided to walk away and in the beginning, I didn’t want any support because it was not about the money,” she said.

The musician said she still talks with her ex for the sake of the children.

Betty Bayo has since moved on and is counting months, if not weeks, to her wedding with her new man.

“When we get to that bridge we will cross it. Can you allow me to date in peace? I am not doing badly. I have not spoken about it, so wait until I speak about it on my social media. I will do a public wedding so you’ll know,” she said.