The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) taskforce did not gobble up Sh10 billion worth of taxpayer’s money, the government has indicated.

For weeks leading to the launch of the report on Wednesday, the Sh10 B figure has been thrown around on social media discussion forums.

But according to the BBI taskforce Joint Secretary, Dr. Martin Kimani, the reported cost of the report is a fallacy.

Speaking on Citizen TV’s Day Break show on Thursday, Dr. Kimani the work that went into coming up with the document did not cross the Sh.100 million mark.

“We did not have anywhere close to that amount of money…I do not think we even had close to 1% of that figure,” he said.

“That’s a figure that has just been thrown around the internet…it is not true. I am not the Administrator, but the figure was less than 1% of that Sh10 billion supposedly.”

Kimani noted that in hindsight, they might have saved taxpayers a lot of money.

“In fact, the first thing this taskforce did was – unlike many others in the past – we said we’re not going to get on a flight to go to another country, we’re not going to do those benchmarking things. It (taskforce) deliberately tried to have value for money,” he said.

“If you look at the report, it is full of very clear recommendations about wastage, duplication…it says, for instance, that people in government should not be in business, it talks about standing allowances for people with a salary.”

Dr. Kimani added: “Like I have a salary from government, then you find a practice where I go somewhere to work and somebody gives me an allowance. So I, for instance, did not have any such allowance throughout the (BBI) process because we decided to do things differently.”

However, the BBI taskforce secretary did not reveal the exact amount of money the taskforce spent during the process. He said he would sit down with the Administrator and establish the figures.

“Let me not speculate because that plays into a very particular negative narrative in Kenya that comes from an understandable sense that Kenyans’ money is being wasted,” he said.