DJ Slick doubles up as a producer at Capital FM; he produces SmoothTuesdays on The Jam, The World Groove Show with Kui and The Lounge with Chao.

His show, The Cypher, was recognized as Africa’s number one hip hop show.

He answers 5 questions about his craft.

  1. Did you study DJing in school?

I knew I wanted to be a DJ in high school, but I didn’t know any DJs who could teach me how to do it. So when I joined the University of Nairobi, I used my HELB loan to enrol for a DJ course.

  1. What’s your favourite type of music and why?

Hip Hop is my favourite genre because it is grounded on real experiences. I grew up listening to a lot of hip hop, and I learnt a lot about how to be a man, how to navigate life, how to treat women and much more. I love how dynamic hip hop is. It is as dynamic as society itself.

  1. What do you think makes a great DJ? Who would you love to work with?

A DJ is an artist, and so it is very important for one to be unique. A DJ’s work should be diverse. That’s the only way to grow the industry because we’re all so different. I’d love to work with Blinky Bill someday, maybe even do a collabo together. Internationally I’d love to work with any of The Beat Junkies or The Invisbl Scratch Piklz.

  1. How did you convince your parents to let you pursue this career? Do people still ask you what your real job is? 

At first it was a bit hard to explain to them that I wouldn’t be studying Aviation like I had promised in secondary school, or Political Science which is what I am studying for my post graduate degree. My family and friends were, however, exceptionally supportive from the onset, and I’m really thankful for that.

  1. Can one really make a living as an artist? How did you make ends meet before you became popular?

It’s very possible to make a decent living as an artist in this economy if you are well known. You can get a sizeable income from hosting shows, creating customised merchandise for your fans, and doing performance tours. It is a bit harder for upcoming DJs because they rarely get as many engagements. I was lucky to get a job at Skylux club when I was starting out, that gig helped a lot