Nana Owiti, the wife of Kenyan rapper King Kaka has disclosed that their marriage is not perfect, it is just the right mix of love and chaos, she said.

According to the mother of two, her relationship with King Kaka is just like any other as they cry, disagree and fight. She, however, noted that what matters is how they resolve their differences.

“We laugh, we cry, we fight and most importantly, we sit and hush things out as adults,” wrote Nana on Instagram.

She went on to reveal that she has never shouted at King Kaka whenever they disagreed and neither has the rapper.

“I’ve never shouted at this man(Man! I’ve had to learn to tame this tongue 😛) He’s never shouted at me and never has he pointed a finger at me, never has he laid his hand on me,” she asserted.

Nana further dismissed the labeling of their marriage as ‘couple goals’. She said what works for their family is the fact that they are a unit and they work together to protect it.

“We have a unit to protect because NO we are NOT couple goals. We are products of compromise, patience, forgiveness, love, honor and respect.
I declare Love ❤️ and Respect ✊ for this man right here,” Nana concluded her post.