A man has been caught on video attempting to swim across the Likoni channel.

According to unconfirmed reports, the man decided to swim across the busy channel because he was presumably late. The shocking incident occurred on Wednesday following a two-hour delay at the Likoni channel.

The daring man was, however, stopped in his tracks by rescue divers who were on a boat.

The delay at the channel was caused by the search and recovery mission for bodies of a woman and her daughter who lost their lives after their car plunged into the Indian Ocean on Sunday evening.

Mariam Kidenga, 35, and her four-year-old daughter Amanda Mutheu were aboard the MV Harambee ferry when the incident occurred.

On Tuesday, Likoni channel was closed temporarily after a multi-agency team identified two positions, at 75ft and 173ft, where the vehicle could be.

“This is to notify ferry users that due to the ongoing exercise of retrieving the sunken vehicle we are likely to experience delays between 30 minutes to one hour as ferry movement is affected,” KFS said in a tweet.

It is this delay that saw a man attempt to swim across the channel before he was helped to the mainland by rescue divers.

A video by KTN News captured the moment which shows a disabled man being pulled out of the water. It remains unclear if he is the same man who attempted the swim.

Watch below.