The Woman Representative for Wajir County Fatuma Gedi on Tuesday testified in a case where she was allegedly assaulted by Wajir East MP Rashid Kassim in June within Parliament precincts.

Recounting the happenings of June 13, 2019 to a Milimani Law Court, Gedi said she was having a friendly conversation with Mr Kassim before things went south.

Gedi, who sits in the Budget Committee, told the court that Kassim demanded to know why she failed to allocate money to his constituency.

Mheshimiwa I thought you are my friend how can you forget to give my constituency money…,” narrated Gedi.

The woman rep said she tried to explain to Kassim that the only money availed to the county was Sh100 million.

“I told him it’s not about me but about the views of the people… I told him the monies was to be given to the people’s priorities which were roads and water….I told him people wanted a market,” Gedi continued.

An argument ensued resulting in Kassim punching Gedi and leaving her with a bloodied mouth from a cut on the left side of her tongue.

“You are a liar, you are stupid!’ And he punched me twice, on my left jaw and neck.” submitted Gedi.

The court was told that Homa Bay County Women Rep intervened and tried to pull Kassim aside. The Sergeant at arms from Parliament also joined in.

“I am a mother and where I come from its not easy to be in leadership… for me, that incident was disappointing not as a woman but as a wife and as a mother… I pray that I get justice and as women we should not go through this pain as a woman and as a leader,” pleaded Gedi.

“I was treated at Karen Hospital in town and discharged on the same day…,” she added.

In June, Kassim denied assault charges and was released on Sh50,000 cash bail.