Hujambo, players! Are you new to the casino scene? Great, because we have something that might interest you. Although we devised this list for the newest members of the casino community, there’s no doubt many seasoned players will find it helpful as well. 

As your casino career probably requires the use of numerous strategies and tips, perfecting your skills will take time. Nevertheless, to help you on your path, we prepared a collection of useful casino slang terms that you will inevitably come across at least once in your casino lifetime. 

Some you might know, some are maybe completely new – either way, we hope you will enjoy what we prepared for you. And remember, there is much wisdom to amass on your path, young players. Pole pole and take your time. Patience you must have, our young Padawans. (And explanations for all those peculiar words!)

Ready for Buy-In?

In case you are unfamiliar with buy-in, that represents the action of exchanging pesa (money) for chips before you join a game. A necessary part of the process. And the beginning of this article!

Casino slang is rich with fish associations. We are not even kidding. Fish is what you would call a player who’s having bad luck, i.e. is losing. On the other hand, it’s not rare to see the fish reveal itself to be a shark – a player with a considerable level of competence. Another way to describe a competent player is to say he is a cardsharp. However, it is important to differentiate sharks and cardsharp players. Sharks usually act as newcomers, even though they possess excellent skills. On the other hand, sometimes you will encounter whales – players who place colossal bets. Whale players, also known as high rollers, invest thousands per a single round. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are sharks, but who bets that kind of money if they are not certain about their proficiency?

No matter how much you are willing to bet, you will find something to play in a casino. Casinos offer a series of slot machines and card games to new members. From skin ($1 bet) to nickels ($500 bets) and dimes ($1,000 bets), you can choose which game suits you best. 

Now that we’ve established the bets, let’s see how to place them.

Strategy? I Don’t Need No Strategy

Well, you do need strategies. Players, especially novices, need to learn the ropes of any game they are interested in. The best way to achieve that is to research strategies. Find a gambling pal that can help you – there’s always, a site packed with online reviews, tips, tutorials and strategies, aiming to help you with tricks and tips. 

Now, there are several tips for placing bets. Novices are often advised to press a bet, which essentially means to up a bet if you are winning. Something that is not precisely considered a smart strategy is flat betting. Flat betting represents a method where players do not make any changes to their bet amounts, i.e. they always bet the same amount. The opposite of flat betting is progression betting – increasing/decreasing bets according to wins/losses.

Coattail is the term that describes copying bets placed by winning players. Or should we say, hot players? Sometimes, a player has a winning streak (that’s a spinner for you) so other players at that table start mimicking his moves. That includes placing identical bets as the hot guy. From time to time, that might even work, but it is certainly not advisable to perform such actions. Don’t mind the other players, just have jol(fun) and play your game.

Hey, George

Depending on the region/country, there is always a policy on tipping. While most casinos do not really encourage tipping (in Australia it’s actually banned as it’s considered bribery), some do. If you ever find yourself within the walls of a casino where tipping is okay, don’t forget to do it. 

The correct slang is ‘toke’, meaning a gratuity you should pay to the dealer and other staff. You do not want to be Tom (a non-tipper), you want to be George (a generous tipper to the croupier and other casino staff). Simply find the tronc (box where you put the tips for the dealer) and use it. If you somehow forget to tip, you won’t exactly be eighty-sixed (thrown out of the casino and labeled as an undesirable player), but you will be considered somewhat rude.