Huddah Monroe has not been impressed by a leaked sex tape that was linked to singer Akothee.

While the popular musician has since dismissed the viral video, Huddah Monroe added her voice casting doubt that it was Akothee in the clip. In fact, Huddah expressed displeasure saying the sex tape was perhaps the worst she has ever seen.

According to the socialite, Akothee is too energetic to be the lethargic woman in the said tape.

“Never watched a sex tape that was so flat like that one you all claiming to is Akoth. It can’t be her with all the energy she has. If it’s her she needs to rewind Selekta video. And start again. We need action,” posted Huddah.

“Never watched something so tasteless. I returned it to the sender. They asked why, I told them to watch again and ask themselves why they sent it to me,” Huddah went on.

While dismissing the sex tape last week, Akothee joked that people want her intimate video so that they can copy her styles.

Go and tell those idiots who are pushing me to release a sex tape that I will not. I know why you want me to release a sex tape because you have run out of ideas, so you want to steal my styles. Have you ever seen a cat making love? That is Me. Everybody love sex including me, but I will not got and parade my sex everywhere so that you can steal my styles.

ou think you can bring me down, you wake just dreaming how you will bring me down, and you won’t succeed. Why are you insisting it’s me. You have never seem me have sex my friend, all kind of styles, you will think it’s like a football match, all kinds of styles, from bed to the floor, now this thing of two minutes sijui what , where Akothee is having sex is like thunder, you will think people are fighting, the noise in that room will even wake up the dead,” Akothee said in a video.