On Sunday, Mombasa will play host to a national holiday celebration for the first time ever.

President Uhuru Kenyatta adopted a policy of hosting these events in different counties, moving away from past tradition of having all of them in Nairobi.

In Mombasa’s case, the celebrations will be unique because they will not be held in a stadium, but rather a public park built from the ground up.

Mama Ngina Waterfront has for the past few months been undergoing a Sh400 million renovation, transforming it into a modern waterfront park. Now, as the county prepares to welcome the government and the armed forces, the renovations are ready and the first pictures are out.

Construction firm Suhufi Agencies were in charge of the upgrade, and in a very rare occurrence in our country, a contractor did what he was hired to do.

Among the amenities at the park include an amphitheatre, kiosks for traders and a cultural centre.

Here are the latest photos.