Khaligraph has gone ahead and decided to make this hip-hop business a family affair.

The high-flying Kenyan rapper has tapped his equally-talented big brother Lamaz Span K.O.B to deliver an industry-shaking banger titled ‘Me Siogopi’.

Coming just two weeks after the face of Kenyan hip-hop brought the house down with the third installment of his Khali cartel cypher series, ‘Me Siogopi’ is further Testimony(pun intended) that Khaligraph Jones is single-handedly carrying the Kenyan rap scene on his shoulders.

In ‘Me Siogopi’, Khali and his brother KOB, who also featured in Khali Cartel 1, have come out guns blazing to make a boastful statement that they are the real OGs and they fear no one.

In addition to firing shots at other rappers, Khaligraph Jones has also taken brave shots at DJ Pinye(for basically ruining the industry) and Homeboyz Radio hip-hop show ‘Jump Off’ for the controversial list of Kenya’s top rappers.

Khali and Lamz Span KOB not only flex their impressive rapping muscles in the track produced by Motif(BluInk). They also flex their literal muscles in the video directed by Nezzoh Monts.

In just a few hours following its release on Thursday, ‘Me Siogopi’ was already trending on Twitter and YouTube – with over 60K views after 7 hours.

With Khali Cartel 3 having already garnered over 1 million views in 2 weeks, it’s safe to say that Khaligraph has got this rap game locked down.

Check out ‘Me Siogopi’ below. Rating 9/10. The video could do better.