Exiled Kenyan politician Miguna Miguna has rubbished reports that he held a secret meeting with Deputy President William Ruto.

Reports circulating on social media claimed that the firebrand politician met with the DP in Vienna, Austria during the Ineos Marathon Challenge. Apparently, Miguna Miguna agreed to help DP Ruto oppose the Building Bridges Initiative(BBI).

Miguna however accused President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga of using their lieutenants to spread false information about him.

“The despots and their conmen have panicked badly. I have seen their zombies and their sycophants trying to scandalize my name. They claim, fantastically, that I traveled to Viena, Austria and met with the Deputy Despot and agreed to help him defeat the BBI and the handchi*th,” said Miguna.

The political activist explained that he has never been to Austria and that he last met DP Ruto seven years ago.

One, I have never traveled to Austria. Two, the last time I met William Ruto was in 2012 and I was with Raphael Tuju who wanted to stand as a presidential candidate under Party of Action (POA). I was trying to help Tuju negotiate an arrangement with potential candidates. Since then, I have never met him, texted, or communicated with him and any of his lieutenants,” Miguna said.

The lawyer asserted that he would continue with his struggle for justice without making any compromise with his alleged detractors. Miguna also called on his supporters to reject the BBI report.