There was drama in Mshomoroni estate in Kisauni, Mombasa after residents teamed up to eject a man from a brothel where he has been living with a prostitute after abandoning his family.

The man, who is in his early 30s and works for a logistics firm, reportedly stopped going home to his wife and their three children about three months ago.

According to a report by Crazy Monday, the man only makes appearances during the day to see his favourite last born son who is named after his father.

The man’s wife, who sells groceries at Kongowea market, asked neighbours to help her trace her husband’s whereabouta after suspecting that he had remarried or was cohabiting with another woman.

“We decided to assist her since her husband and myself, hail from the same village in Mwatate, Taita Taveta County. We discreetly following him from his workplace last Friday and realised he stays in the brothel at Sabasaba,” Peter Mwamburi said.

Mwamburi, who was accompanied by five other men, was shocked after he was informed by a guard manning the brothel’s reception that his childhood friend was living with one of the girls at the brothel.

“I gave the manager a detailed report about how my friend had abandoned his young family that had been languishing in squalor. The manager went to a room and summoned my friend who emerged wearing a pyjama. He was bewildered when he saw us and at first became tongue-tied,” Mwamburi said.

With the help of the manager, Mwamburi and his team pleaded with the man to return to his family, even promising that they would not tell his wife where they found him.

“We were in for more shock, when after regaining his composure; my friend became categorical that he was not going anywhere. He told us his wife had been denying him his conjugal rights and constantly abusing and beating him,” Mwamburi narrated.

“He said after coming to the brothel for some time during the day, he had developed a relationship with a girl named Stacy who treated him like a King.”

When the group tried to forcefully take the man back home, he screamed at the top of his lungs attracting sex workers, including Stacy who joined the commotion, attacking those who had come to take her man away.

Mwamburi said he is still nursing facial injuries inflicted by Stacy using her long nails.

The manager finally put an end to the fight, saying the man was his customer and that he had a duty to protect his clients.

Mwamburi and his group gave up rescuing the man and informed his wife of his whereabouts. The wife reportedly vowed never to reconcile with her spouse.

“My friend has still not come home. I have informed his parents back in the village and they are planning to involve the police to get him out of the brothel. They believe the girl must have cast a spell on him,” Mwamburi said.