Jimmy Gait has finally released his highly anticipated ‘last song’ titled ‘Makuu’ as he plots the next chapter of his music career.

The singer shocked fans last month when he announced that ‘Makuu’, shot in India, would be his last song. This was taken by many to mean that he was retiring from music.

However, following the release of Makuu, the gospel singer said that he is not quitting music.

“Makuu marks an end to a chapter in my ministry, transitioning to a higher calling. For them that have been thinking and saying that am quitting music, allow me to bring it to your attention that I can’t quit music,” said Gait.

The singer has also dismissed speculation that he is set to venture into politics.

“I said I am releasing my last song as Jimmy Gait and people jumped into conclusions because I didn’t say what’s going on and sometimes it’s okay not to talk about your things. Others are saying I’m venturing into politics,” he added.

According to the singer, other fans are claiming that he is going secular, something he says he wouldn’t do even for a billion shillings.

“I feel like I have exhausted the first phase of my life in my career. I feel like God is leading me into a higher calling, more responsibility. People are thinking I’m going to secular, you’ll wait for that for a long time, I can never go to secular music, not even for a million years or a billion shillings,” he said.

“My music is my calling. I do it because God called me and even when I feel like quitting, the calling will always stand cause sometimes it not easy doing what I do.”

Watch ‘Makuu’ video below.