Gospel musician Betty Bayo was once too depressed that she attended a wedding wearing a pair of slippers.

The former wife of controversial Pastor Victor Kanyari made the revelation on her new YouTube channel where she opened up about her battle with depression.

“Someone might ask if I have ever been depressed and yes, I have. I knew I was depressed after I attended a wedding only to realise that I had worn slippers. I had not combed my hair nor had I applied lotion on myself,” she said.

“In my mind, I knew that before I left home I had planned on attending a wedding, but I did not plan on attending while looking unkempt.”

Betty, who has since overcome her depression, said she would reveal what drove her to depression in due time but hinted that it might have been a “bad relationship”.

“With time, I will open up on what drove me there in the first place and how I overcame that phase,” she said.

“When you are depressed, you feel like you are psychologically trapped. A bad relationship is a major cause of depression.

“When a depressed person comes into contact with other people, they become too paranoid. When people talk and laugh, they tend to think they are the topic of discussion.”