Following the addition of the newest member of the ‘Simba’ family on Wednesday, Diamond’s mother has ruled out the idea of having a baby with her husband.

Bi Sandra Sanurah alias Mama Dangote welcomed her seventh grandchild after Diamond and his Kenyan girlfriend Tanasha Donna welcomed a son.

Amidst all the frenzy over the newborn, Diamond’s mother was asked if she too plans to have a child with her young lover Rally Jones.

However, the outspoken Bi Sandra who turned 48 in July this year, said she got married to Jones to have fun. She joked that she would die during delivery due to her age.

“Sisi tumeona sio wa kuzaa, tumeoana kula a good time. Tuzae nini na utu uzima huu? Sasa nizae nini? Mwataka nifie labour? Mume wangu ananipenda, sitaki mambo ya kuzaa zaa,” Mama Dangote said.

But should mama Diamond change her mind, her firstborn daughter Esma Platnumz has offered to take care of the baby as her own so that her mother can have all the fun she wants.