Award-winning gospel hitmaker Daddy Owen has been forced to respond to a fan who claimed that his marriage is the cause of his decline in the music industry.

Daddy Owen said ‘I Do’ to Farida Wambui in 2016, and according to a fan identified as Fred Nixon, his music career has never been the same again since. Nixon stated that Daddy Owen was one of the best gospel musicians in Kenya until he settled down.

Daddy Owen alikuwa anatesa industry vizuuuuri… alafu akaoa. Smh,” said the fan in a post on Facebook.

But the ‘Vanity’ hitmaker appeared to laugh it off as he reshared the post on his socials blasting the fan.

Daddy Owen also noted that there is a season for everything that happens in someone’s life.

Oneni huyu sasa na kiherehere….hawa ndio wajuaji wa Nairobi ama? 🤣🤣🤣 anyway.. the Bible talks about seasons.. There’s time for everything my brother…”Daddy Owen wrote.

Surprisingly, several of Daddy Owen’s followers seemed to agree with Nixon saying there was a hint of truth in his remark.

Hata Mimi sijui niunge mkono🤔hii story juu Kuna kaukweli😁,” wrote Phyll99.

“😂😂😂😂 ni kama amesema ukweli,” added nyamujunior.

Davidmukaye commented: “Papa fololo hapa I support him😂😂.”

“Pole but I am with him on this one. We miss you,” said periskamau.

kurialovechild said: “Hahaha… the way umekimya kimziki Sana bro