Sarah Wairimu on Tuesday requested the court to order the release of her car and personal belongings from her Sh400m marital home in Kitisuru.

The prime suspect in the murder of her husband Tob Cohen told the court that she doesn’t have any clothes and has been relying on relatives and friends. Wairimu also submitted that moving around without a car is expensive.

Through her lawyer, Philip Murgor, Sarah said the court should order the release of her belongings.

“She’s had to buy clothes, shoes and accessories, she needs to take these items from her bedroom …all be released to her as a matter of urgency, ” Murgor said in an oral application.

Mr Murgor also wants a visit to the house in Sarah’s presence to take an inventory.

“We are asking the court to grant the accused person permission to get her personal car which has never featured in this case, she has had to purchase clothes and ask for lifts from friends and relatives which is expensive,” the court heard.

However, State Counsel Catherine Mwaniki argued that the house is a crime scene and Wairimu cannot be allowed in the house.

She further explained that the vehicle is an exhibit in the case because it was used by the deceased Dutch businessman.

Ms Mwaniki told the court that she wants a list of all the items Wairimu needs from the house so that they can determine which are exhibits.

Justice Stella Mutuku directed lawyer Murgor to file a formal application listing the items Wairimu needs.

The matter will be mentioned on Tuesday next week when the court will make a ruling on other issues raised by the parties on contempt of court.