Everline Akinyi Otieno, a teacher at St. Paul’s Gulf Academy in Bondo town, is nursing knife wounds after she was allegedly attacked by her husband on Tuesday.

The teacher’s husband, Kevin Otieno Ochieng, is said to have stormed the school premises and attacked his wife in front of her pupils.

Everline claimed her husband of three years walked into her class when she was supervising pupils doing assignments and demanded her mobile phone.

“It was around 10 am when he walked straight into my class interrupting the session. He took my phone and after about 10 minutes, he came back and handed me the SIM card but retained the handset,” she said.

After a brief exchange, the man descended on her with kicks and blows before drawing out a knife and stabbing her three times. This happened as her pupils watched in shock and disbelief

Speaking to Ramogi FM, the teacher said her husband cut her on the neck and left cheek as children screamed for help.

“I raised alarm and teachers came out to rescue me before I was taken to Bondo sub-county hospital for treatment,” said Ms Akinyi.

The teacher who is now recuperating at her parents’ home in Alego Usonga said she had fled their rented house in Bondo town on Monday following a disagreement.

“I had left home for a teaching assignment in Siaya and slept over at my parents’ home but my husband took offence with the decision and accused me of being unfaithful. He became wild and threatened to kill me before committing suicide,” she narrated.

School Director  Indere Ambajo confirmed the attack saying the man attempted to flee but was waylaid by an angry mob.

Fortunately for the 32-year-old, police stepped in and rescued him from the crowd that was baying for his blood.

The sub county Police boss said they had to release the suspect to receive treatment.

“We could not detain him longer because the P3 forms had not been completed. We can’t hold a suspect beyond the 24 hours’ rule. We will arrest him immediately we are through with the process,” he said.