A High School student was hospitalised after a dozen students allegedly beat him up and rubbed pepper on his wounds.

The Form 3 boy from St. Mary’s Junior Seminary Secondary School in Kwale reported that he was tortured by his colleagues on suspicion of stealing a phone.

The boy said the students hit him on his head, hands, legs and back for almost six hours using canes and belts on September 8. The attackers had tied his hands as they tried to force a confession out of him over the stolen mobile phone.

When they could not get the confession out of the student, the students rubbed chili pepper on the wounds they had inflicted.

“One of them came and called me from the dorm where I was resting because evening classes were over. He then asked me to follow him only to realise there were other boys waiting for me. They started asking me to give back their phone and then beat me one after the other,” said the boy.

“In the process of beating me, one of the boys went and plucked pepper nearby. He smashed them using his hands and applied it on the bruised parts of my body,” he said.

Asked where the teachers were during the incident, the boy reportedly said; “They were just within the compound but in their houses.”

It took the intervention of a Form four student who was passing by to rescue the student from the torture. The boy was instructed to go to a hospital, with his mother expressing shock when her son showed up in a blood-stained shirt.

“It was in the afternoon, the same day when I had just come from church, when someone knocked at the door. Upon opening, I almost fainted seeing my son bleeding all over mostly his ears. The shirt didn’t have buttons, and his legs looked like he was dipped in sewage,” said

The boy’s mother questioned why the school’s boarding master had told him to go to the hospital by himself.

She reported the matter to the police under  OB number 36/08/092019 as the school administration suspended the 12 students involved in the attack.

Ward commander Ludwin Sassati said the school’s principal told him that he had sorted the matter out with the school disciplinary committee and both parents had agreed to “solve their problems at home”.

Sassati, however, confirmed that they arrested three boys who are helping with the investigations.