Kenya’s dancehall crooner Redsan has for the first time spoken about the incident in which he beat up his producer, Sappy, about a year ago.

Without revealing much detail about what exactly transpired, Redsan said the incident is history and he has since reconciled with the producer.

“That issue was resolved ’cause me and him are good right now,” he told journalists at Windsor Golf Club and Hotel over the weekend.

In a viral audio clip of the attack by Redsan, Sappy was heard screaming for help saying, “Soja Tunavamiwa”. The phrase would then become a popular meme.

Speaking about the meme, Redsan said; “At least I created jobs for some people, they released songs through that.”

Producer Sappy also confirmed that Redsan reached out to him to make amends.

“Redsan amenipigia simu akasema ilikuwa ni hasira…Issues za kupigana sina kinyongo na Redsan na tumesameheana,” he told Mambo Mseto.

Speaking about his music, Redsan said big things are cooking and fans should be excited for what’s to come.

“I will not reveal the artistes I’m working with but in  October, I’m releasing a major collabo. You guys are not ready for 2020. Its gonna be big.”