Rapper Octopizzo has seemingly revived his long-standing beef with his perceived rap rival Khaligraph Jones.

As the latter prepares to unleash the highly anticipated rap cypher -Khali Cartel 3 on Wednesday, Octopizzo has not shied away from taking shots at Khaligraph on social media.

Taking to Instagram on Monday morning, Octopizzo dismissed Khali’s cypher as choreographed and not raw.

At the same time, the Kibera Namba Nane uploaded a short clip of a raw rap cypher by a group of upcoming rappers from Khaligraph’s hood in Kayole.

The upcoming rappers have been introduced into the scene by online comedian Kartelo, who serves as the hype man in the cypher published on YouTube on Monday.

Featured rappers include Lucci, Kiddoh, Ciscoh, MadDollar, Banshee and Dadimchyna.

Rapper Lucci, in particular, has left many impressed, including Octopizzo who gave him a big endorsement while taking a jibe at Khaligraph Jones. According to Octo, Lucci is the King of Kayole.

“Now this is a Raw Cypher sio hizo zingine zenye ziko Choreographed kwa studio na rangi nyingi na MamoShi. Hapa ukiona moshi jua ni chain inatembea S/O sana @kartelo_official na Gang yangu yote ya Oyole. Na kuanzia leo king wa Kayole natambua ni LUCCI #EndaUmwambie,” wrote Octopizzo.

Check out the full cypher below.