Otile Brown has done it again; he has dated for a few weeks, broken up and consequently released a song. It is the same pattern he used during his problematic love affair with Vera Sidika.

While he can be lauded for being consistent, Otile Brown is rather too predictable with his publicity stunts.

The singer’s new single comes days after his ex-girlfriend Nabayet hinted that he might have cheated on her, prompting her to end their short-lived relationship.

Otile has responded with a song named after Nabayet, in which he pleads his case and claims he is not a player.

Wananiita playboy heartbreaker baada ya kitendo nasepa yaani hawaniamini hata kama nawatania baby mimi sio mtu wa mchezo mchezo. Nabayet ukisema nikuoe hata leo Nabayet,” sings Otile Brown in part.

Promoting the single on his socials, Otile wrote: “😔Still Love ya fine ass too girl #NABAYET live on YouTube.”

Watch ‘Nabayet’ below as we wait for the ‘lovebirds’ to either makeup or Otile to introduce the next girl who is willing to pose as his girlfriend for clout and a song.