A sex worker based in Nairobi has denied abandoning her nine-month-old child for three days saying she was drugged by a client.

Nikita Kendi Mureithi is charged with intentionally and unlawfully abandoning the toddler alone in the house on August 16, 2019.

She told a Nairobi court that she left the child at Njiru in hope of returning ‘soon’ to breastfeed the baby but a client drugged her and left her for dead.

“I met a client who drugged and left me for the dead,” she said.

“By the time I resumed to my senses I was counting many hours after leaving my child locked in the room alone in Njiru (Some 20 kilometers away).”

According to a police report, at around midnight on the material day, the baby started crying “continuously and uncontrollably out of frustrations”.

“Her neighbours were forced to check if all was well but when they called Ms Mureithi several times, they learnt she was not around then resorted to breaking her door to rescue the child who looked hungry and hard hit by the cold,” read the charge sheet.

The neighbours rushed the baby to a hospital where it was treated as another group launched a manhunt for Ms Mureithi. They found her at a Night Club in the Nairobi CBD after a three-day search.

Nikita was released on a Sh 20,000 cash bail pending hearing on November 27 at the Makadara Chief Magistrate’s court.