Pastor Patrick Ambani of the African Divine Church is in the dock for defiling a minor over a period of three years.

At the Kibera law courts on Tuesday, the minor told Magistrate Barbara Ojoo that the sexual abuse started in 2015 when the pastor visited the house where she lived with her grandmother.

“He knocked on the door and when I opened it he asked if my grandmother was in. When I told him that I was alone, he got in, sat on a chair and asked me to allow him to watch a movie,” the girl recalled.

Moments later, the pastor left his seat and moved closer to her, the minor said.

“He held my shoulder and asked me to relax with him. I was shocked but I did nothing because he is a pastor. I thought all he wanted was to relax,”  Mary said.

She went to say that Ambani began touching her sexually.

“He touched my chest and lifted me up onto his lap where he continued caressing me. I was totally confused and scared,” she said.

The clergyman then undressed and defiled her. She said that after the indecent act, Ambani ‘rewarded’ her with Sh50 chips and told her not to tell anyone.

That turned out to be the first of many visits that the pastor made to her grandmother’s house. She said it went on for three years as she suffered in silence.

“After that day, Ambani kept visiting when my grandmother was away and each time, he would defile me,” the girl said.

“I was in pain but when I informed him, he laughed sarcastically. He kept on coming to our house and defiling me. Other times, he would force me to visit his house where he defiled me,” the girl testified.

The minor’s granny, who was also in court on Tuesday, said her neighbours had told her that they suspected the pastor was defiling the child.

“My neighbour told me that he saw the accused person leaving my house several times and said they suspected that he was defiling my grandchild. I asked her and she confirmed that she was indeed being abused,” the grandmother testified.

The granny took the girl to Nairobi Women’s Hospital where she was treated and also filed a report at Kabete Police Station leading to the suspect’s arrest.

Ambani is accused of committing one offence on July 14, 2018, at the grandmother’s house in Nairobi.

The pastor, who has been in police cells for a month for being unable to raise Sh300,000 bail, pleaded with the magistrate to lower his cash bail.

Magistrate Barbara Ojoo denied the request and directed that the hearing continues next month.