Gospel singer Jimmy Gait could retire from music as early as next month.

The singer dropped the hint during an interview with Kiss 100 where he announced that he is set to release one last song.

“When I was in India, the last week because I was feeling much better, I was able to shoot a video. I’m doing one last song as Jimmy Gait,” he said.

Asked he was officially retiring from music, Jimmy Gait was non-commital only saying; “Let’s wait and see.”

He intimated that the reason for this supposed ‘retirement’ was because “I need to turn a new leaf.”

The ‘Appointment’ singer announced he will release the song on October 1, 2019. “It’s going to be a happy song, I would say.”

Jimmy Gait jetted back into the country on Sunday after a trip to India where he learnt that he had been misdiagnosed by Kenyan doctors.

“If they went ahead with the surgery, the problem would not have been solved, I would have ended up with a damaged voice,” said Gait, adding that Kenyan doctors “quoted huge figures for me, it was not about helping me but how much they could get, that is why I sought medication in India.”

“I am so grateful to God that I chose to seek further medical attention, otherwise I would have never been able to sing again.”

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