A Public Service Vehicle tout arraigned before a Kibera Law Court to answer to charges of violating traffic rules is a free man thanks to a selfie.

Mr John Kinuthia was arrested along Waiyaki Way and accused not wearing his uniform while undertaking his duties as a tout as required by law.

During the hearing of his case, Kinuthia pleaded not guilty prompting the court to hear him argue his case. He told the court that he had disagreed with the police officer over a different issue and not over the violation of his dress code.

Corporal Richard Otieno from the Kabete police station, who was the only prosecution witness, told the court that Kinuthia violated the traffic laws by failing to put on the required uniform while at work on the Uthiru-City Centre route. Otieno said Kinuthia was dressed casually.

“I arrested the accused person and gave him notice to attend court. It is the law that while operating as a conductor in a matatu, you are required to put on maroon apparel,” he testified.

But the accused presented a photo of him in his full uniform as evidence and further explained to the court how he managed to take a selfie as the whole incident went on.

“As the whole incident went on, I requested to talk to the driver and it is at this point I took a selfie with the driver’s phone,” Kinuthia said pointing at the selfie.

In her ruling, Senior principal magistrate Esther Boke acquitted the accused saying the prosecution had failed to prove that the accused was not wearing his uniform during his time of the arrest.