Choices have consequences. Those were the words of nominated MP David ole Sankok as he appreciated his wife for choosing him over able-bodied men.

The lawmaker on Saturday, September 28 went out of his way to show his gratitude as he presented a brand new Subaru Outback to his wife Hellen Seyianoi Sankok.

Mr Sankok also penned a 760-word poem telling their fairy-tale love story, from when he was broke and couldn’t even afford to pay for a date.

“You chose me and rejected rich able-bodied men. Choices have consequences. Consequences can be positive or negative,” he penned.

“I can re-write the story again today as I present you this special gift of a car. I can remember that day we enjoyed our time at Uhuru Park. Money I had none except the Sh5 in my pocket which was only enough to buy two ice creams.

“I can remember we had not taken lunch that day. Not because we were not hungry but because my pockets were empty. True money I had none except many dreams and my special gift – sense of humour,” he added.

Sankok said Hellen was the best thing to have ever happened to him having married her before he joined the University of Nairobi in 1998 to study medicine.

“I told you how I will build a palace and you believed even though we were still living in my mother’s manyatta, sleeping on a cowhide as a mattress.

“My love; you left your father’s stone house. You left two Datsun cars in your father’s compound. You left your father’s Chevrolet car. You left a Toyota lorry in your father’s compound. You left three tractors in your father’s compound. You followed a poor disabled boy to my homestead with an axe and njora as the biggest machines,” he continued.

According to Sankok. the car gift was not a repayment but a special gift that shines a light at their undying love for each other.

“Though there is a big difference in monetary value. The special ice cream of our youth and this gift of a car are the same. Just like the ice cream, it is a special gift down from a loving heart. The price of a gift doesn’t matter, what matters is the love attached to it.

“I present you this gift in remembrance of the sweet days of our sweet ice cream. I know you will smile. The same smile I saw when you took the ice cream from my hand.

“I know I will see that special glow in your eyes as you receive the keys of your own car.  A special gift from a loving husband to an equally loving wife and a caring mother,” wrote Sankok.

“I’m thinking of a sweet beautiful angel who was never ashamed of my broken legs, my beautiful innocent angel who saw ability beyond my disability. I’m thinking of my princess who saw me and got a reflection of a prince in her eyes,” he noted.