Royal Media Services journalist and reporter Victor Kinuthia has turned to song and dance weeks after he was subjected to ruthless bashing on social media.

The Inooro TV reporter has released a Kikuyu song called Kirindi (Multitude), inspired by the experience he went through after being trolled for struggling to express himself while covering the arrest of Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro for Citizen TV.

Kinuthia, who is a singer with three albums under his name, said the song is meant to encourage anyone going through the same experience.

I composed the song from what I went through and I wanted to encourage anyone else who might be going through what I experienced. I’m just telling people never mind a multitude, even Jesus was a good man and they said he be crucified and in the last stanza I’m telling my heart to stop bowing down because those are blessings coming my way,” he said.

Victor added that the song’s reception has been overwhelming and he will be shooting its official video today, September 20.

I am surprised by the reception it is getting. After what happened, I felt low and introspected a lot as to why I was trending across the country. I did not realize I was speaking in broken English but I admit I was tense. It was my first time to do a live link in English.

“Calls from my bosses, friends and colleagues encouraged me and through it all, I got to a level where I chose not to listen to Kirindi (multitude), hence the song. This is my third album.”

“Most people have realised that I am a musician after the Murang’a episode, but in truth, it was not the first neither will it be my last song. I pray that all those who are going difficult times, even worse than I did, will listen to this and take all the stones thrown at them to build themselves up,” he added.

On overcoming the disheartening comments from Kenyans on social media, Victor said: “I played back whatever I said that day several times and decided that it was not going to define me.

“In the song, there is a stanza where I sing ‘Ata kizungu ikue ngumu, God has a way’. I remember a lunch I had with Linus Kaikai last Saturday where he shared his personal experiences and told me not to lose hope.”

Listen to Kirindi below as we wait for the video.