The Konstantaras family, comprising of thespians Lizz Njagah and Alex Konstantaras, has welcomed its newest member.

The celebrated film and television couple, who are based in Greece, was elated when announcing the arrival of their second born son, Konstantaras Njagah, who was delivered on Sunday afternoon.

Taking to social media, the award-winning actress who has starred in films such as ‘House of Lungula’, and ‘Fundimentals’, also shared the first image of their bundle of joy.

She wrote: “The Konstantara family is proud to announce the arrival of our second star. The spitting image of our first born with more hair and more cheeks.

“He is already bringing such great joy to our hearts..WeLoveYouSon Thank you for making our family complete. We thank God for giving you to us. May you grow up to be a fearless, strong, prayerful, caring gentleman. We are honoured to be your family.. #Baby2K.”

The Konstantaras relocated to Greece in July 2016 following the birth of their first child in February 2016.

“The move was triggered by my parents who have become very attached to my son, and we felt it was better to go and stay with them for a while so that they can enjoy their grandchild,” said Alex in a past interview.

Lizz added: “We are doing great, our son is enjoying spending time with his grandparents. They spoil him a lot.”