Nigerian superstar Wizkid recently headlined the inaugural Katika Festival at the Afraha Stadium, Nakuru, an event that didn’t live upto the expectations of many revelers thanks to poor management by the event organisers.

The award-winning hitmaker talked to Nation about why he never turns down a chance to perform in Kenya, upcoming projects with Sauti Sol, rumored relationships with former supermodel Naomi Campbell and singer Tiwa Savage.

This is your fourth time in Kenya in a short span of time, you must be loving the country?

Yeah! Yeah! I do. I have some amazing friends in this country, that’s why whenever I receive a call to come here I never hesitate to come down; I’ve never thought twice about it. Besides, my team and I did some research and realised most of my fans are Kenyans and Nigerians — that’s why I don’t take such visits for granted.

Have you collaborated with any Kenyan artiste during any of your visits?

Oh yes! I am always in studio with Sauti Sol every time I am here, creating art with those talented guys; they are amazing. I love their sound and that’s why I am excited about this trip – because we still have some work.

How come we are yet to see any collabo song between you and Sauti Sol?

It’s true that we haven’t released anything yet but I will tell you this, we are still recording. We already have like five, six songs together that we are working on and many more to come.

Can you work with Davido now, or is there still bad blood between you guys?

Why not? Of course, I can work with Davido. He is my guy.

Recent reports indicated that you are currently among the highest paid performers in the world, after you reportedly pocketed close to Sh70 million for a performance at an Indian royal wedding. How true is this?

Hahaha! Man, I am broke – I seriously need money. But then again, those are just numbers. I don’t look at that. That’s not why I am doing this. I am a lover of art and that’s my motivation for doing music and entertainment.

Recently, you accompanied super-model Naomi Campbell at the GQ Awards (2018) then rumours swirled that you two are dating. Are you?

Wow! That’s a very interesting question. I don’t even really know if I have an answer to that. Like I said, I am a lover of art through making music. Apart from music, there are also a few things that I really have interest in – fashion is one of them. That’s why I collaborated with Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino and Ciroc. I just love to make art and I have friends around the entertainment business. We were just trying to entertain because we are entertainers, right?

Then there is Tiwa Savage. Rumours also came with the release of “Fever” music video in which the two of you appear to be kissing. 

Tiwa is my best friend, she is talented and we have a nice friendly relationship. And like I said I am a lover of art and that’s what we created. That’s just it.

How do you manage time between your studio sessions, family and all the travelling for performances?

Family is very important to me. It’s everything to me so I always create time for them. As for music creation and the travels, I have a movable studio that is always with me so that I can always create music wherever I am.

How are you able to run your Starboy Entertainment Music label with all this in mind?

I have a team that handles things. But again, I try to learn as much as I can about what’s going on with the label, even when I am away. I get involved in decision-making when it comes to things like choice of video, audio, shooting locations and things like that. I also talk to everyone signed to my label every day.

Nigerians will be going for their general elections next year. Have you ever thought of joining politics?

Not at the moment, maybe in my old age. Truth is, I have never thought of being involved in politics, that’s why you don’t see me supporting anyone. I keep quiet and hold on to my views and opinions about my choices.

So what should your fans expect from you?

I am dropping my new album next month and this is information I haven’t told anyone yet, you are the first. (Laughs)

Lastly, you had a situation with a high-end city club where you were accused of not making an appearance despite them paying you. How did you resolve that?

It was a little misunderstanding but the situation is cool now; we are all cool. I will be going everywhere. Actually, we handled it before it even really became a situation.