Apparently, Willy Paul is now living Otile Brown’s dream.

This is after he acquired a new Mercedes Benz, which according to social media users is Otile Brown’s dream car after he was exposed by Vera Sidika for borrowing money to buy one.

Willy Paul, who has been ruffling feathers on social media recently, took to Instagram on Wednesday to show off the new ride.

As expected, the controversial gospel turned secular hitmaker showcased his vanity on the pretext of thanking God for his blessings.

He captioned a video: “Thank you Lord for this new n wonderful gift… I’m still winning…njiwa njoo twende @officialnandy”

The video shows the singer chilling in the car at a petrol station before alighting to show off his bespoke suit and jewelry while his song with musician Nandy plays in the background.

In the comments section, Nandy responded: “ukaaaaamuaaa uchukueee kama yangu njiwaaaaa una mambooo @willy.paul.msafi nakujaa soon asipande mtu iyooo atagandaaa kwenye seat.”

To which Willy Paul responded: “@officialnandy baby ni wewe tu.. ??? njoo nikubebe nikubembeleza.”

The latest show of vanity by Willy Paul comes barely a week after he was criticized for showing off bundles of cash. 

Check him out below and his new blessing.


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Thank you Lord for this new n wonderful gift.. I’m still winning.. njiwa njoo twende @officialnandy @mercedesbenz

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