Beyonce. Jennifer Lopez. Victoria Beckham. Ciara… The list could go on and on and on.

Why do these powerful Hollywood mega stars matter? Because they share a striking similarity to our very own Joanne Burgess, one of Kenya’s most esteemed dance legends, singers and proud mothers.

Just like the singers and dancers mentioned above, who are all married and with more than two children, Jo-1, as she is popularly known, is now shaking up the Industry not as a little singing girl but as a mother of three who still, exudes so much oomph and fire.

Unlike many singers or dancers who retreat to the backwaters once they become wives and mothers, Jo-1 appears to be getting fresher and fresher, leaner, better, sexier, wilder and steamier as the times go.

A strikingly gifted dancer who moves and glides like a snake, while still churning out hot jams, Jo-1 has managed to keep it so classy and yet so sassy, serving us nothing but absolute vivaciousness with her every release.

Now, the dance icon, who sat on the Sakata Judging Panel for years, has rattled the music scene with her freshest serving, Body Drop. A song so disturbingly hot and stimulating, you will need a dry towel before watching it .

BODY DROP is Jo-1’s first major release this year, and coming at a time like this, when the weather is a little coldish and the funky Holidays are just kicking in, this might just be the song we may grind ourselves lame to this few last weeks of the year.

And despite toiling her way at home, ensuring that her babies stay in school and stay behaved, this hot mamacita still gets time to doll herself up, craft some magical masterpieces, and shoot one of the sexiest and frankly speaking, hottest music videos of this year.

Without batting an eyelid.

If it’s hot, we’ve gotta check it out.

CLICK HERE to watch BODY DROP. And yaaaas, this lady is serving not just body goals. But Mama goals as well.