Footage shows armed men raiding a store in Nairobi.

This incredible CCTV footage shows the shocking moment armed thugs struck at an electronics/M-Pesa store in a daring robbery in Nairobi.

Three men can be seen approaching the store, with one of them brandishing a gun as the other two attempt to gain access into the cashier’s area. They are soon joined by two more members of the gang before the store owner gives in and opens the small door leading to his cash box.

Four of the men can be seen rummaging through the store and cash box while stashing any valuable item they can possibly grab in their pockets. As this happens, the armed man in an orange hoodie is on the lookout when a seemingly oblivious female customer approaches.

When she catches wind of what’s happening, she attempts to run but the robber with a gun catches up with her.

Three more unsuspecting customers are also caught up in the daring robbery that lasted less than three minutes. During a confrontation with one of the customers, another robber, wearing a white cap, also pulls out a pistol.

The shocking robbery happened some minutes to 9 pm on Thursday, October 4. It is believed to have happened at a store located opposite Chicken Inn, Lang’ata.

This comes in the wake of a public outcry over rising cases of insecurity in Nairobi, especially as the festive period approaches when crime rates are much higher.