Former Kenyan rapper VBO Micharazo appears to be one of several frogs that singer Avril kissed before meeting her current prince charming and eventually becoming a mom.

We have reason to believe the two were more than just close friends after some of their suggestive pictures landed on our gossip desk.

For starters, VBO Micharazo was at one time one of the most promising rappers in Kenya while he was still a member of popular rap group The Bugz with Bobby Mapesa.

The duo dominated the airwaves in the 2000s with controversial hits such as ‘Kamoja Tu’, ‘Naskia Utam’, ‘Ndethe’ among others.

It is during their prime that VBO Micharazo seems to have had a thing with Avril as evidenced by old photos of the two.

The pics show the two in a number of suggestive poses while hanging out in a hotel room after a show in Malindi. Some of the photos show the two snuggling in bed.

It still remains unclear whether they dated but a picture is worth a thousand words. You decide.

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2 of 12