Jacque Maribe has spoken up for the first time about her relationship with Dennis Itumbi saying they share something that’s deeper than love.

The two have in recent times captured romantics’ imagination and hearts, with the State House operative, in particular, earning praise and backlash in equal measure for his unwavering support of the Citizen TV journalist as she faces charges for the murder of Monica Kimani.

On Tuesday, hours before Ms Maribe’s bail application, Itumbi penned a prayer that read: “For my friend Jacque, I pray for Justice, that she may be surrounded by lasting peace… Let justice prevail dear Lord. I pray that she gets bail today, so that she can hustle again and bring up her child – Zahari, to achieve all his dreams, like she has always wanted to.”

His prayers were duly answered when Justice James Wakiaga granted Maribe bail. To celebrate the ruling, an overjoyed Itumbi clung onto the neck of Maribe’s father, Mwangi Maribe and joined others in song and dance.

At Maribe’s parent’s home, celebrations went on late into the night with Itumbi sticking with the family throughout.

His romantic antics have been a hot topic on social media with some claiming he is a hopeless romantic striking when the iron is still hot. For many others, especially women, he is a true gentleman who stood by his friend through thick and thin.

In an exclusive interview with the Standard, Itumbi denied taking advantage of Maribe. “I work for State House, I do not stand with Jacque because I have a lofty title acquired over time, but because we share something more meaningful and important than a job title – friendship”.

“By the way, last weekend, I told her, as her very supportive father and mother listened, ‘people are saying I am trying to win you back’…”

To which Maribe dropped the bombshell, “Tell them, we share a soul. Something deeper than love, a friendship that words can only spell but not explain.”